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After realizing that you have a problem - even through you may not want to call it an addiction - there are two steps you must take:

  • First, you must start therapy.

  • Second, you must join a Twelve Step program for sex addiction.

-Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (2011, Facing the Shadows ) 

WHY TREATMENT WORKS - Dr. Patrick Carnes

Getting Help for Sex Addiction

Finding a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

The dynamics of behavioral, or process, addictions are complex; so much so that mental health professionals must take an entirely different approach to even begin the process of understanding addiction and recovery.

Many sex addicts and their partners say they have been to therapy, but it has not been helpful….until they have begun therapy with a CSAT trained therapist. 

Founded by  Dr. Patrick Carnes, the CSAT® (Certified Sex Addiction Therapist) program was developed after years of extensive experience and research in the field of addiction therapy and is an industry standard for addiction professionals. 


What people often need is more support, such as an in-patient (residential) treatment or an outpatient (nonresidential) program. If they are already in therapy, they may need a more structured outpatient program with more frequent appointments and group therapy. A residential program creates a more focused and supportive environment for developing skills for success


-Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (2011, Facing Addictions)

Finding a Treatment Center
If you are in a crisis situation, a good next step is to begin treatment at an inpatient treatment center or intensive. After the intensive or inpatient program, you can continue therapy with a CSAT in your area.  - Dr. Patrick Carnes
Founded by Dr. Patrick Carnes, Gentle Path at the Meadows is a level 1 inpatient unit, providing the highest possible level of care dedicated exclusively to men suffering from sexual addiction. Dr. Carnes created an innovative and highly effective treatment plan especially designed to heal male sex addicts.
Co-Founded by Drs. Patrick  and Stefani Carnes, Willow House was designed for women struggling with sex, love and intimacy disorders.  Let the experts at Willow House at The Meadows help you achieve long-lasting recovery in a safe and nurturing community.



Patients with sexual addiction issues require specially trained clinicians who understand the unique needs and challenges of these individuals. Therefore, we offer the Gentle Path intensive outpatient program (IOP) for both men and women suffering from sexual addiction. The program is facilitated by an experienced, CSAT trained therapist who is proficient in using Dr. Patrick Carnes’ 30 Task Model.
Out PT

Addicts resist going to meetings because recovery principles are so different from the way addictions work. Meetings rely on their members to be open, consultative, vulnerable, accountable, and consistent. Addiction thrives best in secrecy, isolation, willfulness, and chaos.


-Patrick Carnes, Ph.D. (2011, Facing the Shadows )

12 Step Groups
Finding a 12 Step Group Near You
Sexual Compulsives Anonymous - (SCA) 
A straightforward 12-step sexual recovery group that allows you to define sexual sobriety. SCA is gay friendly.
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous - (SLAA)
For men and women who are addicted to the pursuit of relationships in addiction to or instead of the sex act. 
Sexaholics Anonymous - (SA)
The most conservative of the recovery programs. SA prohibits sex outside of a married heterosexual relationship. 
Sexual Recovery Anonymous - (SRA)
Much like SAA but with limited locations 
For Couples
Recovering Couples Anonymous - (RCA)
A fellowship for recovering couples that have been impacted by sex and love addiction.
For Partners and Family Members
Designed for partners and family members of the sex addict to provide support  Must like Al-Anon, you can find comfort, support, and guidance.
Designed for partners and family members of the sex addict to provide support.
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